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We work for your child to be a source of your pride.

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Professional Teaching Methods

Al Shamelah Kindergarten Montessori School affords children the opportunity to work in a private Montessori preschool group setting with all the comforts of a home environment, allowing for an easy transition to kindergarten. Additionally, students receive a complete Montessori preschool bilingual education in Arabic and English, providing your child with the basis for language proficiency as well as valuable communication skills.

Language - اللغة

Includes learning to read and write through sensorial and practical life exercises and design drills where the child learns the direction of writing and limited spaces.

Learning to read starts by telling stories and singing songs, theatrical performances, puppet theatre, and encouraging the child to talk. Then identify and analyze the sounds of the letters and link them to labels that start with them.

The child can move to analyze and construct three then four-letter words.

Sensorial - تنمية الحواس

The child interacts with tools that provide him with sensory and kinetic experiences so that the child uses his or her five senses to use the tools.

The sequence of tools also helps a child to think logically and focus.It also helps the child in an indirect way to later learn reading, writing, and mathematics, since it embeds the distinction of dimensions, colors, algebra and geometry concepts.

Practical Life - الحياة العملية

Practical life exercises are simple exercises that help children to perform daily activities and are cornerstone of other paths in the curriculum where children learn discipline, focus and independence. It includes daily skills, self-care, environmental care, and social skills.

Math - الرياضيات

The child is prepared for the math program through the classification, matching and sequencing exercises that he or she experienced through practical life and sensorial materials exercises.

The child learns to count quantities, the number codes from one to hundred and link it to quantity. He also learns to add, subtract and the principles of multiplication, division and decimal order (ones-tens-hundreds-thousands).

Cultural Subjects - المواضيع الثقافية

This aspect includes botany and zoology and is under the name of exploring the World of Nature. It also includes Geography, History, Scientific experiments and Astronomy (sun-moon-Solar group).

These topics satisfy the love of searching and discovering in children, it also develops the accuracy of observation, the logical analysis of the event, the scientific interpretation of the phenomena, and enrich their knowledge of the world around them.

Art - فنون

It aims to develop the creativity and innovation of the child by exploring the colors, components, shapes and space in two and three dimensions and helps him to use his imagination in the drawing to express in different ways what he sees, touches, smells, hears, and feels.

Drama and Role Playing develops communication skills and positive interaction among children. It also gives every child the opportunity to express his thoughts, ideas and feelings using appropriate sets of tools and materials.


Partnership With Parents

In partnership with parents, our trained teachers are committed to apply advanced teaching methods to enable our children acquire knowledge and develop skills

Al Shamelah Kindergarten thrives to become a network of Preschools that provide quality education in a distinguished learning environment based on Montessori philosophy.

Established in 1997, Al Shamelah offers an attractive environment in which a child is free to discover his or her world through a positive and safe environment that encourages him or her to gain experience, knowledge, confidence, and enjoy the fun of learning.

Al Shamelah adopts the Montessori principles and serves age group of 2-6 years in both Arabic and English. Through our integrated programs and in partnership with parents, our trained teachers are committed to apply advanced teaching methods to enable our children acquire knowledge and develop skills.

ماذا يقول أولياء الأمور عنا

Key Montessori Principles

We work for your child to be a source of your pride.


Motivation of students is not guided by punishments or rewards


Options allow students to choose activities of their own interest

Nature comprises

Nature comprises a primary component of Montessori education


Teachers (or guides) use observation of children to help them achieve their potential


Early childhood (0-6) involves the greatest capacity for learning


Self-motivated learners form positive self image


Self-correcting, didactic materials aid concentration


Order and structure form the foundation of the child’s environment


Real-life work with real-life material fosters imagination and sparks creativity


Independence is fostered through child centered education

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."

Dr. Maria Montessori

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